Our ministries are designed to help us grow and become better disciples of Jesus Christ as we help others become disciples and/or help others in their journey to become better disciples.

Mission’s Outreach Ministry

This is where we put our discipleship training to work out in the community. Whether that’s our regular trips to a recovery center in West Virginia or helping the widows in our own city, our Outreach Ministry is involved with it all. We also work with out local community shelter throughout the year.

Heart for Monroe

Heart for Monroe is a local ministry that we partner with every third Saturday of each month. Due to COVID-19, this has been put on pause. Check back for future updates.

Laundry of Love

We partner with a local laundromat and offer to purchase the machine time for washing and drying. If a person accepts our offer, we chat with them while their clothes are being laundered.

Have An Idea?

If you’ve got an idea or a request for help, contact Pastor Darrin or Pastor Todd and let them know!

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